• Doubles

    Photos by Richard Kern.

  • One in the Oven

    ‘Girls’ star Jemima Kirke bares her belly and chats with us about being a grown-up.

  • Los Angeles

    Featuring 2012 AVN Actress of the Year Jessie Andrews.

  • Los Angeles

    Kern finds two toe-licking soft-core porn stars.

  • Russia

    Two of the bounciest girls in Russia make out in a pond while Richard reminisces about his indecorous adventures on Russia Today.

  • Kern's Girl of the Week - Laura

    Today's featured model is Laura, a Southern pothead who wanted a headshot.

  • Gina and Leah

    Two British BFFs hang out in the library. We've been accompanying photographic genius and connoisseur of the female form Richard Kern on his shoots and talking to both him and his models.

  • Nayland Blake

    This guy right here is an artist and a professor and a bear and a pipe man and an S&M switch and—what in hell does all that mean?