• Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy', the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

    In this episode we investigate what's behind the rise of ecstasy deaths in the UK, and how the dangers of using pills can be reduced.

  • Badminton and 'Lobster Dinners': What British Prison Life Is Like When You're Filthy Rich

    Infamous upper class fraudster "Fast Eddie" Davenport recounts tales of his time in Wandsworth Prison.

  • eSports

    In Part Three of eSports, we meet KSI, the UK's ultimate gamer celebrity. We also follow Team FNATIC to Gamescom – the biggest gaming event in the world – where they battle it out for Europe's top eSports title.

  • eSports

    In Part Two, we get a crash course from a professional gaming commentator, take a trip to gaming rehab and try on character costumes at the HQ of South Korea's best cosplay team.

  • eSports

    Giant stadiums, teenage millionaires, super-fans and addiction: welcome to the world of eSports.

  • The South Korean Love Industry

    Exploring Seoul's purpose-built sex motels and a penis park in South Korea's most romantic honeymoon spot.