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How to Stamp Out Trolls and Make the Internet a Safer Place

To some unfortunate users, the internet is a minefield of harassment and hatred. But there are steps we can take to make it a lot friendlier.


Islamophobia Is On the Rise in London, with Hate-Crimes Up 70 Percent on Last Year

New figures show that veiled women are at the most risk from violent crime.


Merry Christmas, GamerGate

Only four or so months ago, GamerGate didn't even really exist. But at the end of 2014, it feels like that's all the year's been about.


The Hangover News

This weekend, Sweden began a search for a suspected Russian submarine off its coast.


Do We Have to Worry About Someone Actually Killing or Raping a Feminist Activist?

Inside the world of online feminist bashing with blogger David Futrelle.