Rob Ford


This is Dixon: Searching for the Gang That Might Not Even Exist

VICE looks into the Dixon City Bloods—an notorious alleged gang that sprung up into Canada's consciousness during the Rob Ford crack scandal.


Making Sense of Rob Ford's Troubled Life

He was the crack-smoking mayor the world laughed at. He had a family. He was a drunk who said awful things. He was a guy who got sober and then got cancer.


The Expensive, Unregulated World of Sobriety Coaching

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the latest celebrity to hire someone to keep them sober, but many experts don't think that sort of coaches are necessary.


My Struggle to 'Make It' in Hollywood as a Canadian

When I left Canada I had a "See You Fuckers Later" party. If I failed in LA it would be the ego bruise of the century.


Are We Looking at the Bikes vs. Cars War Wrong?

Let's not fight each other on the road. Let's blame the government.


Sunday Was Rob Ford’s Last Day as Mayor, But His Story Isn’t Over

The multi-tentacled crime drama that surrounded Rob Ford's mayoral tenure is kind of like the Serial podcast for Toronto politics nerds, and the mess continues to be heavily investigated online by armchair sleuths.


The Strange Career of Rob Ford – Toronto's Crack Smoking Mayor

A refresher on the Rob Ford saga in light of VICE's exclusive new revelations.


Does Toronto Have a Crack Smoking Judge, As Well As a Crack Smoking Mayor?

The guy who tried to sell the Rob Ford crack tape says it does.


This Week in Racism - The Fourth of July Is America's Day Off from Racism

In honor of our nation's birthday, I'm focusing instead on racism in other countries—the racist Australian caught on tape using slurs against a Chinese woman, a KKK flag in Belfast, and of course, Rob Ford. USA! USA! USA!


Chatting with the Porn Star Who Wants to Be Toronto's Next Mayor

Toronto’s crowded field of candidates got a lot more erotic after Nikki Benz, adult-film actress, decided to run.


I Met Rob Ford... and Wanted to Make Sweet Love to Him

The crack-smoking mayor of Toronto is one of the most charismatic men I've ever met.


Paul Mooney

Talking to one of the most trenchant political satirists in the history of comedy.