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The Truth About the Huge Rise of Reported Sex Crimes in Schools

Alarming statistics show a tripling of reported sexual offences taking place on school property, but the way it's been written about has varied according to agenda.


The Clit List is a New Porn Resource for Victims of Sexual Assault

How do you get your sex life back when sex has been used as a weapon against you?


Canada's Vigilante Pedophile Hunters Say They're Now Working with the FBI

Justin Payne—a construction worker turned pedophile hunter—has teamed up with a university professor, and they have a new approach.


We Talked to a Doctor Who Chemically Castrates Pedophiles

Killing a convicted pedophile's sex drive can reduce their risk of reoffending.


How It Felt to Be a Sexual Abuse Survivor on Stage at the Oscars with Lady Gaga

Two survivors, Robbie Woodsum and Stephanie Feldman, open up about their emotional decision to come forward as part of Lady Gaga's Oscars performance of "Til It Happens to You" for the It's On Us campaign to end sexual assault on college campus.


Investigating Rape in the US Military

An interview with photojournalist François Pesant about his book, 'An Enemy Within'.


Have R. Kelly's Alleged Crimes Finally Ended His Career?

Public outrage over R. Kelly's alleged sexual abuse of underage girls has finally consumed his public image.


Meet the Construction Worker Who's Also a Pedophile Hunter

He's confronted dozens of men in the last year but police believe he is a danger, both to himself, and their investigations.


This Sex Priestess Wants to Heal Sexual Trauma With Spiritual Fingering

"I can often feel the memory releasing through her vagina and out through my hand."


The American Navy’s Elite Flying Squad Is Obsessed with Porn

It's a cesspool of degradation, dick pics, and sexual harassment.


A Masturbation Lawsuit Is Rattling Christian Homeschoolers

The sexual abuse lawsuit against 'Biblical Patriarchy' leader Doug Phillips is dividing Christian homeschoolers.


Sexual Abuse Has Become a Huge Problem for America's Bible Colleges

Abuse goes unchecked at America's fundamentalist training grounds.