• My Life as a Kleptomaniac

    It still shocks me when people react negatively to my stealing. I guess part of the horror/beauty of mental illness is the totally blinkered relationship you develop with risk. Getting busted doesn't even occur to me.

  • What Makes a Miracle?

    We spoke to a member of the medical board of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, who are responsible for separating the saints from the sinners.

  • Some Things to Remember the Pope's Visit to Mexico By

    We went out in the streets of Mexico City looking for papal memorabilia.

  • The Vatican Says Jews Don't Need Jesus to Be Saved

    The church also told its followers to cool it on the whole converting Jews to Christianity thing.

  • The Weird and Fraudulent World of Catholic Relics

    For centuries, some Christians have venerated the bodies and possessions of saints, but more often than not, there's no way to tell whether something is St. Peter's skull or a really old potato.

  • Denmark's Only Exorcist Is Rather Busy

    We talked to Father Lars Messerschmidt about demonic possession and the fact that the Devil can speak all languages.