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Hey now! Smashing Pumpkins og Smash Mouth beefer over… ‘Shrek’?

Ifølge Billy Corgan fik Smashing Pumpkins tilbudt den sidste scene i den populære trolde-romcom først. San Jose-gruppen bag "All Star" er uenige. Og lettere fornærmede.
Alex Robert Ross
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Smashing Pumpkins spillede til en privatfest og blev lukket ned af politiet

Det (næsten) genforenede band gav koncert i det samme hus, som de skød noget af videoen til "1979" i for to årtier siden.
Alex Robert Ross
Holy Shit

Watch Billy Corgan Cover The Velvet Underground in His Tea House

Don't break Billy's heart.
John Hill
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Billy Corgan Threatened to Punch a Guy in the Face for Jumping on Stage with Him

"Get the fuck off my stage before I punch you in the fucking face."
Phil Witmer
Holy Shit

Billy Corgan Defends the KKK's Free Speech and Blames Music Pirating on the Government on Info Wars

Look at the 'fit!
Craig Jenkins
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Smashing Pumpkins Perform with James Iha For First Time in Sixteen Years

The band performed tracks from 'Siamese Dream' with the album's full lineup sans D'arcy Wretzky.
John Hill

Billy Corgan Talks About His New Album and Why People Don't Like Him

"You are held up like kind of a piñata, but they forget that you are still there, so how much of a piñata can you be?"
Mitchell Sunderland
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The Real 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

In the mid 1990s, Leonardo DiCaprio was the king of the world. He was also best friends with Dana Giacchetto, a former investment banker who went to jail for misappropriating approximately £6 million, and claims he's the real inspiration for The...
VICE Staff
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Billy Corgan's New Smashing Pumpkins Song Is Actually... Good?

It is 1995 again.
Dan Ozzi

A Brief History of Billy Corgan Losing His Goddamn Mind Since the Last Brief History of Billy Corgan Losing His Goddamn Mind

Wow, Billy really gets a lot done in a month.
Dan Ozzi

Things in Music That People Need to Stop Complaining About

Here is everything in music that people need to get over.
Ryan Bassil

A Brief History of Billy Corgan Losing His Goddamn Mind

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman has done everything from furniture commercials to Tila Tequila.
Dan Ozzi