The 2017 Music Issue

Fra punk til grunge: Se billederne af den alternative rocks kvindelige helte

Det her er den originale 'girl power'.
Sam Knee

We Spoke to DJ Target About How Every UK Rapper Now Has Beef with Azealia Banks

The Roll Deep DJ and BBC 1Xtra DJ ended up in a long row with the rapper this morning, and reckons: "People have had enough of her being a bully."
Noisey Staff
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How Dizzee Rascal Won New York City by Preaching Grime's Old Testament

The MC's first ever live performance of 'Boy in da Corner' in full marked another step forward for grime's acceptance in America.
Alex Robert Ross
In Memoriam

From 80s Pop to Warehouse Raves: Tracing Prince’s Influence on British Music

Every country thought they had a special connection with Prince, but his eternal bond with the UK remained unquestionable.

Exclusive: There’s a Handyman Driving Around Britain Called ASAP Ricky, So We Rang Him

Chatting hip-hop, puns, and property maintenance with the newest member of ASAP Mob.
Tom Usher

Punk Was Rubbish and It Didn’t Change Anything: An Investigation

It might have got record companies to finally wake up to a few grotty upstarts doing it for themselves, but the nothing in the real world changed.
Jeremy Allen
Objectively Correct Lists

We Asked a Die Hard Eurovision Fan to Rank the British Entries from Shit to Not Shit

Because the only European vote you should be worrying about is tonight's British 'Eurovish' qualifiers on BBC Four.
William Lee Adams

What I Learned Growing Up as a Very Serious Fan of The Darkness

“The song, ‘I Believe In a Thing Called Love’ has changed my life. I am now a full on rocker!” read my diary on 20th September, 2003.
Angus Harrison
This Actually Happened

A Reflection on How Jason Statham Was the Go-To "Hot Bod" of 90s Music Videos

Before he was Britain’s most beloved hardman, he was the greased-up, half-naked backing dancer in videos for Erasure and The Shamen.
Emma Garland
Deep Ass Questions

Why Do We Hate Coldplay?

If they can satisfy eighty million people, then what is it about Coldplay that makes critics and serious music fans loyally despise them?
Ryan Bassil

From Broken Roofs to Broken Marriages: Meeting Some of the Most Obsessive Vinyl Hoarders

Welcome to a world where people make huge sacrifices just to feed their engrossing love for music.
Oobah Butler
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I Went to a Justin Bieber Club Night to Find Out If Young Dudes Have Ruined Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Appreciation club nights are touring the UK and selling out in six minutes. We went to one in Bristol to gauge this pissed up phenomena.
Sammy Maine