Britain at Night

Britain at Night

Her er fyren, du skal ringe til, hvis du skal holde illegal ravefest

Når politiet rykker ud, er det ikke dem, der har kontrollen. Det er os, der har kontrollen."
Sam Wolfson

In Photos: Five Decades of British Clubbing

We had a chat with Derek Ridgers about his upcoming book, The Dark Carnival: Portraits from the Endless Night.
Jak Hutchcraft, Photos: Derek Ridgers
Britain at Night

The Tragic New Type of Nightlife Threatening UK Clubbing

How London and other UK cities swapped raving for a dire yuppie parody.
Clive Martin
Britain at Night

This Is What It's Like to Go Clubbing When You're Blind

First step: bouncers, who automatically assume your "loopy eyes" mean you're shitfaced.
Allan Hennessy
Britain at Night

Are UK Nightclubs Breaking Data Laws by Storing Your IDs and Fingerprints?

Everyone kicked up a fuss when the government proposed mandatory ID cards, but you're freely handing your details to a nationwide database every Friday night.
Frankie Mullin
Britain at Night

Gangsters, Raves and Bulletproof Vests: The Early Days of Fabric Nightclub

Meeting co-founder Keith Reilly on the 15th anniversary of a London institution.
JS Rafaeli
Britain at Night

A Love Letter to Manchester's Post Millenium Hard House Scene

Cycling tops, six-inch nail necklaces and fuckin' 'avin it.
Rick White
Britain at Night

Don't Let Dickhead Developers Kill Liverpool's Club Scene

It's hard to throw a warehouse party when you've got residents of luxury flats filing noise complaints.
Alex Horne
Britain at Night

The Story of Boy's Own: The Acid House Gang Who Changed British Clubbing

Terry Farley talks about running the seminal fanzine, club night and record label.
Clive Martin, Images: Courtesy of Boy's Own