Charles Manson


Tarantino og folkene bag 'Mindhunter' har castet den samme fyr til at spille Charles Manson

Damon Herriman må fandme være god til at spille kultleder.
River Donaghey

Jeg skrev til Charles Manson og fik den her tegning retur

I slutningen af 80’erne skrev Rocco Casella til seriemorderen og nogle medlemmer af hans “familie”. Han fik det her svar .
James McMahon
Ting vi husker

Lad os anmelde al den musik, der er lavet af forskellige kultledere

Fra Charles Manson til L. Ron Hubbard. Her kommer guiden til ægte kultmusik – fra det middelmådige til det helt vanvittige.​
Chris Yates

An Interview with Uncle Acid About His Strange Fascination with Charles Manson

In support of his band's new record 'The Night Creeper,' the English stoner-rock shaman named Kevin Starrs talks about his obsession with the bizarre man that is Charles Manson.
J Bennett
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Rare Recordings of Charles Manson Ranting About Our 'Brainwashed Society'

This short film contains some of the few audio recordings of Charles Manson since he's been incarcerated. It features the psychedelic art of Leah Shore and voice of Manson parsing everything from God to suicide.
Jeffrey Bowers

Synthpop Eccentrics Surrender the Spirit Go Manson Family in Their "Control" Video

The group gets stabby to the sweetest pop sounds.
Zachary Lipez

Vincent Bugliosi, the Beast of a Prosecutor Who Took Down Charles Manson, Is Dead

The man who put one of the most notorious figures of the 20th century behind bars recently passed away at the age of 80.
Benjamin Shapiro
Objectively Correct Lists

Celebrity Deathmatch Is Back So Here Are Its Greatest Ever Music Beef Bloodbaths

Back in my day, you could watch Marilyn Manson yank Charles Manson's spine right out his shit-bearded mouth.
J R Moores

We Spoke to Charles Manson’s Guitarist About Making Art While Serving Time for Murder

Bobby Beausoleil was an associate of Charles Manson who murdered Gary Hinman, a crime for which he was sentenced to death. But in the years since, he's become a prolific artist.
Adam Kovac

The Men Making Money Off the Art and Personal Effects of Rapists and Serial Killers

The "murderabilia" market allows collectors to buy ghoulish artifacts like string art made by Charles Manson and dirt pulled from the crawlspace where John Wayne Gacy buried his victims.
Mark Hay

Komp-LaintDept. – Manson vs. Mormon and the Brides of Frankenstein

What's the connection between the Mormon Church's founder, Joseph Smith and the geriatric but still notorious and imprisoned Charles Manson? There are lots of them.
Bob Nickas and Alissa Bennett

This Is How British Cults Work

I spoke to Ian Haworth, who's been running the UK's Cult Information Centre for over 20 years.
Daniel Dylan Wray, Illustrations: Dan Evans