Mit liv som international kokainsmugler

Pieter “Posh Pete” Tritton tjente 250.000 kroner om måneden, da han var i 20’erne – men det gik hurtigt galt.
Max Daly

Stories of DIY Sexual Health Treatments Gone Terribly Wrong

Don't try these at home.
Paul Willis

Why Doesn’t Anyone Produce Cocaine in Australia?

With an average gram costing £130, it's not like there's a lack of demand.
Charlie Braithwaite

What It's Like Being a Female Cocaine Boss

An interview with Raquel Santos de Oliveira, who took over her boyfriend's drug business after he was killed in a police shoot-out, before developing a debilitating coke problem and getting out of the game.
Beth McLoughlin

Everything You Need to Know About the Cocaine 'Cut' That Supposedly Rots Your Skin

Levamisole, a common cutting agent in cocaine, made the news recently for its apparent skin-destroying properties – but there's a lot more to the substance than that.
Max Daly
America Incarcerated

How I Held Onto Hope After Being Sentenced to Prison for Cocaine Trafficking

During my 26 years in federal lockups of all kinds, I earned a bachelor's and master's degree, published several books, and found the love of my life.
Michael Santos
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Mum from Kent Bought Her Daughter 12 Bags of Cocaine to Celebrate Her 18th Birthday

And they were gonna do it in a limo until she got busted by the police.
Joel Golby
Chemsex Week

Meeting the Drug-Addicted Male Escorts Pressured to Take Mephedrone and GHB at Chemsex Parties

We talked to some British male escorts about the popularity of GHB, mephedrone and crystal meth at gay sex parties, and how they're expected to take these drugs as part of their jobs.
Chris Godfrey

"Vi skal hjælpe unge danskere med at tage stoffer på den rigtige måde"

Ifølge eksperter preller de officielle kampagner af på de unge, der allerede har prøvet at tage stoffer. Vi forsøger at få svar på, hvorfor kampagnerne ikke virker - og hvad man i stedet bør gøre.
Lars Jellestad

How What You Believe Affects What You're Like When You're High

For decades, connoisseurs of psychedelics have said that "set and setting"—your state of mind and your environment—influence how you experience drugs. And they're right.
Maia Szalavitz

Lord Sewel Is Doing Cocaine with Your Dad's Taxes

In the noise and self-righteousness, we have lost sight of the fact that the disgraced Labour peer is more of a badass than you.
Joel Golby

Vi talte med et offer for klapjagten på kokain-kunder i København

Vi snakkede med 27-årige Morten, som ikke er stoppet med at tage coke, selvom han har fået en heftig bøde af politiet for det.
Lars Jellestad