festivals 2016


Sober, Safe, and Focused: Meet the Teenagers of Reading 2016

“I’m not drinking and I don’t do any drugs. I don’t like the idea of never being able to have fun without the help of a substance when I’m older.”


Scenes from Psycho Las Vegas: "Let's All Get High and Die"

Meet the riff-obsessed acolytes of America's latest stoner metal Mecca, Psycho Las Vegas.


Scenes from Migration Fest 2016, the Nicest Extreme Metal Fest in America

Photographer David Burke captured incredible performances from Thou, Panopticon, Krallice, Mournful Congregation, and many more.


Day N Night Was a Disaster but It's Still Our Best New Rap Festival

A six-hour traffic jam, officers in riot gear, and reports of a gunman on site raised serious questions about personal space, but couldn't stop us from having a great time.


Sundance Next Fest Is the Film and Music Anti-Festival You've Been Dreaming of

Think the Park City fest’s cool younger sibling, with a better record collection.


Stone, Light, and Decibels: Scenes from Inside the Cave at Germany's Prophecy Festival

Prophecy Festival 2016 brought together Germ, Alcest, Vemod, Sol Invictus, and many more to play inside an exquisitely lit Stone Age cavern.


Festival Anti-Fashion Is the Best Fashion

Lollapalooza isn't fashionable; it's practical. And these were the hottest non-looks of the season.


Can You Find Love at a Music Festival?

Two sexy sweaty singles investigate.


C'mon Dude, Cut Your Festival Wristbands Off

Science has decreed what smart people have known all along: wearing a festival wristband makes you look like a dick, and it's really unhealthy.