Holy Shit

Major Lazer's Ladies Dip and Twerk All Over Iceland in the Video for "Cold Water"

And yeah, there's no Justin Bieber and no MØ, but damn those girls can shake it—no matter the temperature.
Kim Taylor Bennett
festivals 2016

"No Assholes Allowed:" Iceland's Eistnaflug Fest Is the Most Fun a Metalhead Can Have This Side of Hell

We spent a weekend way up North worshipping black metal and dancing to Perturbator beneath the midnight sun.
Kim Kelly

Island elsker fodbold

Bum, bum... HU! Bum, bum... HU!
Ágata Xavier
festivals 2016

Four Days and No Nights: A Bleary-Eyed Journey to Iceland's Secret Solstice Festival

Twenty-four-hour sun's out, guns out.
Andrea Domanick
festivals 2016

We Saw Radiohead Perform for the First Time in a Country Where the Sun Never Sets

OK, technically the sun sets sometimes in Iceland, but this was still cool as hell.
Andrea Domanick
International Women's Day 2016

Reykjavíkurdætur Are a 15-Strong Rap Crew from the Volcanic Climes of Iceland, and They Are on Fire

They've told the Icelandic Prime Minister to "suck my pussy" live on TV, written songs about anal sex, and performed on stage in nude underwear.
April Clare Welsh
festivals 2016

Snow, Booze, and Blood: Icelandic Black Metal Is Still on Top

Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Wormlust, Sinmara, and more dominated Iceland's first international black metal festival.
Kim Kelly
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Scenes from Iceland's First International Black Metal Festival, Oration MMXVI

Photographer Laufey Elíasdóttir captured the darkness, danger, and intensity of Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Wormlust, Sinmara, and more in stark black and white.
Kim Kelly

Stream Kúra's Spine-Tingling and Seductive EP, 'Our Sun'

We also asked one half of the Icelandic duo, Brynjar Bjarnfoss, what it's like to make music together when 'together' is mostly online.
Polina Bachlakova

Momentum's 'Fixation, at Rest' Cements Their Status as the New Kings of Icelandic Prog Metal

This digital reissue of the Reykjavik trio's 2010 debut shows just how far they've come, and how much further they can go.
Kim Kelly
Fringes: Stories from the Edge

Giganternes ø

VICE tager til Island, for at se nærmere på, hvordan øen former verdens stærkeste mænd, heriblandt Game of Thrones stjernen Hafthor Björnsson.
VICE Staff

Meet GKR—The Kid About to Put Icelandic Hip-Hop on the Map

He looks as Scandi as possible and raps in Icelandic—but you're about to watch him take over the world.