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Nu kan du drikke øl brygget af New Order

De britiske post-punk favoritter er gået sammen med et bryggeri fra Burnley og har lavet en "gylden ale med strejf af citrus og kærlighedsfrugt".


New Order Are Playing Roskilde 2016 and All is Right With the World

Wiz Khalifa and Foals are, too, but who cares? NEW ORDER ARE COMING.


Listen to RAC's Sweet Remix of New Order's "Restless"

Man, New Order are still so good.


New Order Will Never Stop with Their New Song "Restless"

The band's new record 'Music Complete' drops September 25.


Drugs, Squats and the Birth of Techno: A Mancunian in 80s Berlin

We talked to Berlin music-scene staple, Mark Reeder, about the cultural apoplexy that was West Berlin during the 1980s, and what happened when he brought Joy Division over to play.


Joy Division's Stephen Morris: "We Were Never given the Opportunity to Make That Shit Third Album."

The band's original drummer on memory, mourning and Manchester.


Best Tweets from the #VICE20 Party

Last night we celebrated our 20th anniversary party with everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Jarvis Cocker to Lil Wayne. Throughout the event, our friends and family tweeted their favorite moments of the night.


Months Before He Died, I Spent One Drunk Night Interviewing Tony Wilson

It was all going so well until he got mugged, my shoe filled with blood and I threw up on him


Why Are All The World Cup Songs So Shit?

World Cup songs were never high-art national pslams, but they did give you something to believe in.


On the 1975, LCD Soundsystem, and Popular Memory in Pop Music

What happens when musicians crib from those who crib? Will pop become an ouroboros? Are we doomed, in seven years, to have a wave of bands influenced by Foxygen?