R. Kelly


De seks mest foruroligende ting i dokumentaren ’Surviving R. Kelly’

Her er de vigtigste pointer fra den hidtil mest grundige gennemgang af de sidste to årtiers beskyldninger mod sangeren om seksuelle overgreb.


Spotify har bandlyst R. Kelly og XXXTentacion fra sine playlister

Du vil nu ikke længere kunne finde R. Kellys musik på streaminggigantens officielle, kuraterede playlister som RapCaviar og Discover Weekly.


Here's a Timeline of All the Strange Shit R. Kelly Sings in His 45-Minute Origin Story Song

"I love music. I’m pregnant by it. I’m having apelets. And I’m gonna love my babies."


R. Kelly's New Tell-All Profile Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Kells's in-depth chat with GQ is by turns calculatedly evasive and eerily illuminating.


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Justin Bieber's rise through international hate and personal struggle has been majestic.


R. Kelly Wishes Happy Birthday to R. Kelly

Happy Birthday, R. Kelly.


Pop Will Rewrite Itself: Why No One Is Celebrating Top Of The Pops's 50th Birthday

And if we're allowed to edit and screw with the past, we have to ask who's doing the editing.


When Kellz Freezes Over

We flew down to Atlanta to interview R. Kelly. Like everything in the world of Kellz, nothing went as planned, but it still felt right.


The Best (Worst) Pitchfork Festival Craigslist Missed Connections

We already know that music festivals are maybe the worst possible environment for a budding romance, and still, people are treating the pre-headliner Port-a-Potty line like their own personal Bunny Ranch lineup.


See And Listen To R. Kelly's 38-Song 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival Setlist

Plus, a smooth jazz cover of "Sex In The Kitchen."