Romanian Artist Costin Chioreanu Releases Metal All-Star EP to Benefit Victims of Bucharest Tragedy

The Roadburn-affiliated artist is joined by members of Current 93, Mayhem, Aura Noir, Hexvessel, and Sigh on a new musical project aiming to raise funds for victims of the Colectiv nightclub fire.


Photos of Students Hanging Out on the Balconies of their Dorm Rooms

Florin Țepârdea photographs his neighbour's from his girlfriend's room on a Bucharest university campus.


‘The World's Most Dangerous Drug' Grows Everywhere in Romania

Scopolamine is extracted from Datura, a bush that can be found all over Bucharest – from abandoned parking lots to people's backyards.


Refugees, Just Like Romanians, Don't Want to Be In Romania

Last week two Afghan refugees tried to reach Hungary via Serbia but ended up in Romania instead. When they realised their mistake, the two men started crying.


We Asked Our European Offices What Refugees Should Expect In Their Countries

It seems that for much of Europe, civil society is better at helping refugees than governments are.


Inside the Gaudy World of Romania's Wealthiest Witches

The country's fortune tellers have much fancier houses than you ever will.


Romania's Gravediggers Are the One Link Between the Country's Many Religions

Romania has 18 religions, none of which have very much in common with each whatsoever – bar the fact all believers are buried by the same men.


I Spent a Day Watching a Bunch of Men Whip Horses in Romania

Every Tuesday, the people of Titu meet up to show off their horses and terrorise them a little.


I Spoke To Two Romanian Women Who Killed Their Husbands

Unsuprisinlgy, Micșunica and Magdalena were victims of physical violence – half of the women imprisoned for murder in Romania are.


The Rooms Where Romanian Prison Inmates Have Sex

Photographer Cosmin Bubut toured Romanian prisons, photographing the rooms built for conjugal visits.


The Romanian Army Are Developing a Bulletproof Vest for Women

Until now, female soldiers around the world have just been using men's vests in smaller sizes.