’Venom’ er en dårlig 90’er-film i moderne klæder

Tom Hardys store Marvelfilm havde givet mere mening, hvis den var lavet i midten af 90’erne.
Noel Ransome
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This ‘New’ Chinese Games Console Is Wonderfully Shameless

You'll swear you've seen the OUYE somewhere before.
Mike Diver
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A Conversation with Cory Schmitz, Graphic Designer for PlayStation, Oculus, Indie Games and More

You may not recognise his name, but you've definitely seen his work.
Danny Wadeson
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Good News, People of China: You Can Now Legally Own a Games Console

The country's lifted its nationwide ban on the sale of PlayStations and the like.
Mike Diver
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I’ll Never Love (or Hate) a Console Like I Loved (and Hated) the PSP

Seventy million sales can't change the fact that Sony's first handheld PlayStation was a bit of a stinker.
Edwin Evans-Thirlwell
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‘Journey’ Is the Album That Every Gamer Should Own

It's not a long-player, but thatgamecompany's perfectly formed adventure is an essential experience, now coming to PS4.
Mike Diver
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If ‘Kitchen’ Is the Future of Virtual Reality, People Will Literally Lose Their Shit

I experienced Capcom's new tech demo, and sort of wished I hadn't.
Mike Diver
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New ‘No Man’s Sky’ Footage Leaves Us Thinking, ‘That Escalated Quickly’

Blow space goats away in Hello Games' upcoming open-universe adventure! Or, better still, don't.
Mike Diver
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‘The Last of Us 2’ Needs to Step Away from Joel and Ellie, and Into the Unknown

If Naughty Dog is making a sequel to their 2013 hit, the last thing it should do is dwell on that game's leading pair.
Sean Cleaver
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VICE Gaming at E3 2015: Who 'Won' What, and Why

So many people 'won' E3 2015 - and yet here we are, picking out the very best 'wins' of the conference, from 'Horizon: Zero Dawn' to HoloLens.
Julia Hardy
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Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference Was Like Gamer Fan Fiction Made Real

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit... Hold me.
Mike Diver
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This Is What Happens When You Play ‘Bloodborne’ For 24 Hours Straight

No respite, no retreat. No sleep, and barely any sensible sustenance. This is a whole day in the company of gaming's newest nightmare.
David Whelan