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Det koreanske boyband BTS stormer op ad hitlisten, efter Sydkorea reddede Mexico ved VM

Sydkoreas overraskende sejr over Tyskland ved VM har sikret Mexico en plads i slutrunden, og mexicanske fans viser deres taknemmelighed ved at downloade K-pop.
Phil Witmer
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Noisey Presents Keith Ape Live in New York: Celebrate with a New Song, "Psycho" Feat. Robb Bank$

The first song in the "The Savage Haring Gallery" series sounds like the apocalypse. Come see what that looks like live at Webster Hall.
Noisey Staff

Inside the South Korean Rehab Clinic that Treats Gaming Addicts With a German Sci-Fi Novel

In a country where 14 percent of teens are addicted to electronic media, an emerging rehab industry is finding new ways to reintroduce people to the real world.
John Power

A Tale of Two Mothers: Joel Peterson's Autobiographical Novel Takes on Love, War, and Adoption

Peterson's Dreams of My Mothers is an autobiographical novel, following his life from his childhood in South Korea to his adolescence as an adopted son in Minnesota.
Victoria Namkung

A Good Day to Die: Fake Funerals in South Korea

We head to Seoul to find out why so many Koreans are taking their own lives and why others are pretending to die in order to live better.
VICE Staff
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Today in North Korea: Kim Jong-un Is Planning to Establish His Own Timezone

North Korea is often seen as being backwards, but now Kim Jong-Un is literally turning the clocks back.
Bo Franklin

Meet the Young Artists Creating a K-Pop Boy Band with No Korean Members

Bora Kim is raising questions of race, masculinity and the importance of teenage girls' taste.
Mark Hay

Photos from Inside Seoul's Plastic Surgery Clinics

Ji Yeo's It Will Hurt a Little is an exhibition of photographs documenting South Korea's cosmetic surgery craze.
Ji Yeo

Visiting Seoul's Artificial Limb District

There's a street in the Garwol-dong neighbourhood lined with shops selling handcrafted prosthetic arms, legs, toes, fingers, eyes, breasts, lips and every other body part imaginable.
Harmon Leon

The South Korean Love Industry

Exploring Seoul's purpose-built sex motels and a penis park in South Korea's most romantic honeymoon spot.
Matt Shea

Gamers Are Dying in Taiwan's Internet Cafes

Hsieh would often disappear for days at a time inside an internet cafe in Kaohsiung, to binge on computer games. But on the 8th of January, after playing for three days straight, he collapsed and died of a cardiac arrest.
Allie Conti
VICE vs Video games

Video Games Rule the World, So You Should Probably Just Embrace eSports Already

Traditional broadcasting's downward spiral can't hold back the rise and rise of eSports.
Matt Porter