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Vanessa vil have dig til at pille din smartphone fra hinanden og tage magten tilbage

Vanessa Julia Carpenter har blandt andet udviklet en gadget, som den ikke-gravide partner kan bruge til at mærke barnets bevægelser. Hun mener, vi skal være mere bevidste om, hvorfor vi bruger teknologi.
Silja Thøgersen
Holy Shit

Rihanna Continues to Make 'Star Trek' Cool in Her "Sledgehammer" Video

Also, check out a video of her speaking about her love for the franchise.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Rihanna's "Sledgehammer" Has Dropped!

Sia and Rihanna team up for the first time since "Diamonds," and the result is equally epic. By which we mean: good luck hitting a single one of these notes in the shower.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Beam Us Up! Watch a Clip of the 'Star Wars' Score Being Recorded

Hey Star Heads! Watch a '60 Minutes' segment on J.J. Abrams, with footage of John Williams in the studio.
Kyle Kramer

This Star Trek Scholarship Has Helped Put Dozens of Trekkers Through School

Starfleet International, arguably the world's largest trekker fan group, offers several yearly scholarships, meaning all the hours you've clocked watching Captain Kirk may finally pay off.
Mark Hay
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MF Doom and Ghostface's "Interactive" III Points Festival Performance Had a Few Wires Crossed

A prerecorded DOOM video and a too short Ghostface live set left many festival goers bewildered and annoyed.
Jonathan Peltz
VICE vs Video games

The 21 Games of VICE’s Lifetime That You Were Wise to Avoid

Because you can't have the good stuff without at least sniffing the slurry of shit that flows beneath it.
Mike Diver

To Form a More Perfect Universe: An Interview with Space Lawyer Joanne Gabrynowicz

"Our issues involving space are seen through the lens of geopolitics on the Earth. Our problems originate on Earth, not in space."
VICE Staff

Illustrators Pay Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

We had fifteen comics draw the late, great Leonard Nimoy.
Nick Gazin
VICE vs Video games

Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of Video Games?

The world wasn't ready for VR in the 1990s – but is today's market likely to be more accepting of household headsets?
Andy Kelly

A Seven-Foot Teenage Slender Man Was Kicked Out of Sydney Comic Con

Is Slender Man a cosplay-friendly goof or a cultish threat?
Kristen Daly

Actually, Comic-Con Is Fucking Awesome

Despite some people thinking Comic-Con is the worst place ever, it's actually a fantastic spectacle of well-made costumes, nerd comradery, free drinks. There are free drinks!
Jeremy Azevedo