Tel Aviv


Afstanden mellem København og Tel Aviv er 3.200 kilometer

På døren er tre røde cirkler med en fed rød streg over. Den ene cirkel indeholder en tegning af en cigaret, den anden en hund og den tredje et maskingevær. Fotograf Cecilie Bødker udforsker i dette essay normaltilstande.


Sia Fans Have Filed a Lawsuit Against Her for Being Kinda Boring at a Gig

You can do this if you don't like gigs now.


Taking the Temperature of Tel Aviv's Insanely Eclectic Music Scene

Amidst the intense heat and the ever-shifting political tides, Israel's second largest metropolis heaves with musical talent of all genres.


‘Oriented’ Gives Us an Intimate Look at What It’s Like to Be a Gay Palestinian in Israel

We met with director Jake Witzenfeld to talk about his new documentary that follows the struggles and victories of three young, gay Palestinian men in Tel Aviv.


We Ate a Shit-Ton of Hummus with Israeli Short-Story Writer Etgar Keret

Israel's greatest vegetarian short-story writer was in New York City—and he was hungry.


PREMIERE: The Young Professionals' Remix "10,000 Emerald Pools" by BØRNS

Tel Aviv electro-pop duo give the psych-pop troubadour a trap-tastic remix.


The Dark Truth Behind Tel Aviv's 'White City' Story

We interviewed Sharon Rotbard about his book White City, Black City: Architecture and War in Tel Aviv and Jaffa.


Do We Need Stricter Gun Control? - The People Speak

In this episode of 'The People Speak,' VICE News travelled around the world to ask people about the issue of gun control.


Tel Aviv Is a Paradise

Come and meet its angels.


Israel's African Refugees Are Protesting Against Indefinite Detention

An estimated 20,000 migrants gathered in Tel Aviv last week.


According to Ordinary Citizens, the Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Are 'Boring' and Futile

I asked people from both sides and they both came to the same, depressing conclusion.


Tel Aviv Fashion Week

Hedonism in the Holy Land.