The Beatles


The Beatles onanerede åbenbart sammen og har snakket om det siden 60'erne

Beatles-fans har længe vidst, at Paul og John havde "wanking sessions", fordi de tilsyneladende ikke kunne holde kæft med det.
Erika W. Smith
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Manden, der skød John Lennon, er blevet nægtet prøveløsladelse for 10. gang

Mark David Chapman skal forsat sidde fængslet i New York, efter hans seneste anmodning om prøveløsladelse er blevet afslået.
Alex Robert Ross

Hold din dumme kæft, der er intet overvurderet ved The Beatles

Dit Beatles-had er ikke en sej og original vurdering. Du lyder bare som en nar.​
Dan Ozzi
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Rae Sremmurd, the Greatest Rock Band of All Time, Just Released the Video for “Black Beatles,” Featuring Gucci Mane

John Lennon who?
Phil Witmer
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The Song Credits for Frank Ocean's 'Blond(e)' Have Finally Arrived

And they're an... Ocean of information.
Phil Witmer
The Greatest Things Of All Time

We Reimagined the Logos of Your Favorite Bands

More than ever, success in the music biz requires a savvy sense of branding, so we tweaked some band logos to be more suited for the era at hand.
Kyle Kramer

A Pure Conversation with Paul McCartney

Is there anything you can ask Sir Paul that he hasn’t been asked a million times? I was about to find out.
Joe Zadeh

This Obsessive Beatles Fan Has Visited Every Abbey Road in England

Thats 132 if you're curious.
Colin Drury
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Are We All Destined to be British Dads Voting "Wonderwall" to the Top of Best Ever Song Surveys?

Radio X conducted a poll of the greatest British songs of all time, and the results are your local pub's jukebox.
Emma Garland
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Paul McCartney Not VIP Enough For Tyga Grammy Afterparty

Is "Rack City" more relevant than The Beatles?
Jabbari Weekes

All You Need Is <3: An Interview with Paul McCartney About His Emojis

We talked to the legend about his new project scoring "Love Mojis" with Skype, working with Kanye West, and the process of writing a song.
Eric Sundermann
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The 70s Will Never Die But You Will: A Playlist

No matter what you think of the 70s and their high-rolling, coked out excess, at least put on your headphones and enjoy some of the best hits and B-sides from the era that will never die.
Noisey Staff