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Derfor skifter VICE Gaming navn til Waypoint

Chefredaktør på Waypoint, Austin Walker, forklarer, hvordan 'Dragon's Dogma' fra 2012 inspirerede navnet til VICE's nye side om gaming.


Sådan påvirker virtual reality-gaming hjernen og kroppen

Vi undersøger virtual realitys terapeutiske potentiale, såvel som de etiske dilemmaer og medicinske risici, som designerne skal tage hensyn til, når de skaber nye virtuelle verdener.​


Mød 'Gamer Grandma', den 79-årige YouTuber der elsker 'Skyrim'

Shirley Curry er en berømt YouTuber med over 115.000 følgere. Hun elsker at sy og spille Skyrim og Civilization II. Og så er hun 79 år gammel.


‘Tangiers’ Will Push the Creative Boundaries of Video Games

It's set in a surrealist world that "can loosely be summed up as 1960s inner-city Britain meets William Burroughs." We talked with the game's creator, Alex Harvey, about the exciting new project.


The VICE Gaming Guide to Video Game Drinking Games

Turn on, sign in, get pissed. You know it makes sense, at least before the morning after.


Now Is a Good Time To Find Your Video Gaming Happy Place

We all need pick-me-up games to make a bad day better. Here are a few that are guaranteed turn my frown upside down.


Vi besøgte verdens første rigtige Pokémon Gym

Tag til Japan, hvis du er træt af at "fange dem alle!" hjemme på sofaen.


‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ Is Not a Very Good Game

'Battlefront' isn't brilliant, but if you're a passionate Star Wars fan, you're probably not going to care.


Today’s Nintendo Direct Revealed an Official Female Link and ‘Final Fantasy VII’ in Super Smash Bros.

Highlights from 45 minutes of Lovely Shiny New Game announcements for your Nintendo systems.


‘Call of Duty: Black Ops III’ Reflects the Desperate Side of Video Games

Treyarch's new shooter plays as if its makers have finally tired of their own status and grown angry at their industry and audience.


V.A.T.S. the Spirit: The VICE Gaming Verdict On 'Fallout 4'

Bethesda's greatest game to date, this hyped post-apocalyptic role-player lives up to just about all of its promise, barring the odd technical hitch.


These Are the Board Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Some of the cleverest, most exciting and original ideas in gaming aren't on your PC or your console, but they could be on your kitchen table.