Ziggy Stardust

Internetvideoer af særlig betydning

Her er en usandsynligt lang video om en ny, bizar David Bowie-statue

The Starman er udødeliggjort i den engelske by Aylesbury, hvor han første gang optrådte under sit Ziggy Stardust-alterego.
Noisey UK Staff
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Stewart Lee Listened to 'Ziggy Stardust...' for the First Time, Reviewed It, and Hated It

“It makes me feel physically sick throughout and I’ve not enjoyed living with it.”
Joe Zadeh
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Investigating the Conspiracy Theory That David Bowie Foretold the Rise of Rock's Saviour: Kanye West

Real recognise real.
Ryan Bassil
In Memoriam

Robert Christgau Remembers Six Ways 70s Bowie Changed Culture Forever

Bowie was everything: a punk prophet and an arena-rock pioneer, a free spirit and a proud poser, a dynamo and an amalgamator and a shrewd hanger-on.
Robert Christgau

"I Could Thank God. Yeah. But Which One?": A Conversation with David Bowie from 2003

Originally published as the cover story of The Word magazine in 2003, Paul Du Noyer met the legendary artist in the boroughs of New York to talk through decades of Bowie fandom.

Fuck School: David Bowie Taught Me Everything I Needed to Know About Identity, Acceptance, and Art

He didn't just scratch the surface; he excavated it, renovated it, and tore it down, just so he could start all over again.

​Mød manden, der har taget billeder af David Bowie i 40 år

Den legendariske japanske fotograf Masayoshi Sukita har taget billeder af ikonet fra Stardust til Blackstar.
Tekst af J.L. Sirisuk, alle billeder af Masayoshi S

Photographer Mick Rock Looks Back at Ziggy Stardust's Takeover of the Universe

We talked about the life and legacy of David Bowie with the man who served as his personal photographer during his some of his most creative years.
Drew Millard
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I Spent David Bowie Day Doing David Bowie Shit

It was a Chicago Bowie party with a side of Starman Wings.
Jay Gentile
The Fashion Issue 2014

Some Cat From Japan - The Genius Behind David Bowie’s Best Costumes

The genius behind David Bowie’s best costumes.
Kazumi Asamura Hayashi

Paul Morley Deconstructs The New David Bowie Video

"The chameleon Bowie is dead. All that is left is a man wearing a suit, without any make-up on his face."
Oscar Rickett