Look at This Tiny GameCube Controller

It looks cool, but can it play Smash Bros.?
January 31, 2018, 3:21pm

YouTuber Madmora bought a tiny GameCube controller keychain from GameStop, looked at it, and asked herself: can I turn this tiny hunk of molded plastic into a functioning controller? She could, she did, and now I can swallow Nintendo’s best controller (fight me) with a sip of water.

In a YouTube video first spotted by Hackaday, Madmora explained how she used a guitar pick to pry open the small controller’s case and do the engineering work needed to bring it to life. Most of its buttons were already functional, she just needed to solder them to a control board. The controller is fully functional, complete with analog triggers. She said she even figured out a way to add rumble, and will be adding it in future iterations of the impossibly small controller.

It’s great for Super Mario Sunshine but too delicate for other titles. “Obviously, I wouldn’t use it to play Smash Bros.,” Madmora said in her YouTube video. The cord is short so she can still use it as a decorative keychain by plugging it into a GameCube port on her backpack. No word on when a sturdier, Smash Bros. ready model, will be available.