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A Reddit Conversation About a Weird mp3 Rip Gets Even Weirder

Internet coincidences are the stuff of magic.
Rachel Pick
New York, US

The internet is such an indescribably vast plain of data that it's extra sublime when strange coincidences occur. One such surreality took place yesterday in a Reddit thread about Russian group t.A.T.u.'s 2003 hit "All the Things She Said."

The song was posted to r/music, and various users were reminiscing about how the song impacted them when it came out. A great deal of the comments are the sort you'd expect in a thread about a group whose gimmick was a teenage lesbian relationship. But in one since-deleted comment, one user talked about how they used to have a version of the song they'd downloaded in Limewire, where you could hear the AIM sound effects going off on the ripper's computer.

Who else happened to be reading that thread than the person who made that rip—and he proved it. "I am the RaptorX30 that upped the copy in 2002 with the AIM doors…I have my guru3d account with the same name RaptorX30 from that era," said user imanewbie. "Send me a PM or something on there and I'll prove that that is me. I went by Admin Jacob on where I talked about my New Britannia shard, the one linked in the meta data of the mp3, if anybody at all ever cared so much."

He goes on to provide further proof, if that's not enough for you.

I was a Soulseek girl myself, a lesser-known client that attracted a lot of music nerds, so while some of my mp3s were low quality I never encountered any strange artifacts that I can remember. Still, when you think about how much effort it took to get one song back in the days of early internet, it's astonishing what we have at our fingertips now.