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Hear the Year 2014 Through a Data-Driven Sound Sculpture

Last year seemed to fly by, but you can relive every week with HUSH's sculptural infographic instrument.
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 "What does a year at HUSH look like?" asks the video presentation for introspective data visualization, Made By Numbers: A Data Sculpture. Created by HUSH, a design firm that specializes in interactive experiences that communicate complex information, their latest project is a sculpture made of stacked data points which doubles as an instrument able to play sonic representations of those same data points.


To create the piece, HUSH used five different metrics to summarize the year 2014: Computers in Use, Images Made, Positive Sentiments, Travel Time, and Late Night Food. After plotting their results on 52 different five-axis graphs, creating a small tower whose amoeba-like curves tell the stories of rough, Red Bull-filled nights and days spent jet-setting on business trips, each week's data was then converted into sounds that are activated by motion detectors within the sculpture's body. When someone runs a hand along each week's worth of data, for example, the sculpture chimes like its layers are the keys of a piano. The effect is almost like that of a theremin, but instead of vocalizing frequency and amplitude based on the player's proximity to the instrument, each note represents a quantified part of HUSH's year.

Listen to the data of long nights and busy days in Made By Numbers: A Data Sculpture, and see how it was created in the making-of video, below.

Made By Numbers, HUSH, 2015

Made By Numbers, HUSH, 2015

Made By Numbers, HUSH, 2015. Images via

Made By Numbers: A Data Sculpture "Making Of" from HUSH on Vimeo.

Visit HUSH's website to see the projects they worked on throughout 2014.


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