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What Do You Get When You Mix Pokémon Cards and Grime? Grimémon!

And yes, you can buy them very soon.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Remember when you were a kid and there was no sweeter feeling than unwrapping a packet of Pokémon cards in the playground, only to watch a shiny Charizard fall out, laying on the tarmac, glittering in the sun? And remember earlier this week when Skepta and co set the roof ablaze at KOKO with the sheer ferocity of their stone cold bars? Well, some genius artist from Brighton called Ben Gore has decided to combine these two vessels of pure happiness (grime and Pokémon cards) and unleash what the world has been waiting for since the clock struck 2002: Grimémon cards. (Or, at least, what he’d imagine them to look like.)


Obviously this isn’t the first time the worlds of grime and Pokémon have collided. Everyone’s favourite BBK vegan JME has been a fan since day one, having made animated Pokémon-themed music videos in the past, as well as offering fans a shiny gold vinyl of his album Integrity in exchange for a shiny Charizard. He also gave a very rare interview to the Pokémon channel earlier this year, where he spoke non-stop for two minutes about how good Pokémon is.

With that in mind, he'll probably be gassed to find out that his face has now been reimagined as a Pokémon card. It’s not just him, though. The cards also feature Wiley as Meowth, Big Narstie as Snorlax, Tempa T as Geodude, Ghetts as Abra, Section Boyz as Exeggcute, Newham Generals as two Dugtrios, and Skepta as Hitmonchan. Also, according to Crack Magazine, these illustrations are just a taster, and Gore has claimed that a full series of twenty cards will be released next month.

Check out the Grimémon cards below, and click here for Ben Gore’s blog. And yes, they will be on sale in the near future from the Blue Monday Press store.

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