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A Twitter Bot Is Turning Image Uploads into Low-Poly Masterpieces

All it takes to turn your photos into gorgeous geometric artworks is to tweet @LowpolyBot.

Low-poly design has its origins with game designers, who required myriads of flat, triangular polygons to create highly-detailed 3D objects. Reduce the number of polygons, however, and 3D objects take on abstract geometric looks. Over the last several years, this aesthetic has infiltrated digital art, from Tim Reynolds' fantastically minimal Low-Poly, Isometric Worlds illustrations to Mordi Levi's low-poly Game of Thrones portraits.


Munich-based artist and creative coder Quasimondo, a.k.a. Mario Klingemann, is now offering this abstracted style to everyone through his Lowpoly Bot, a Twitter bot that creates random low-poly images from pictures it receives. The results are highly varied, with some looking like minimal color field paintings, while others appear cellular and glitchy, or resemble 8-bit visuals.

As Klingemann, who in the past co-created a light-simulating painting app and a crowdsourced global view of the World Cup final, notes on his Lowpoly Bot Tumblr, all it takes is to simply submit an image through the “Tweet to” button or other Twitter clients, and then follow a process with a few customization options. While the resultant visuals are mostly random, people can add hashtags to control the outcome. Terms like #triangle and #subdivision will help control the image's style, while #gradient, #burst, and others control its fill effects. Texture, stroke weight, and color can also be controlled, while surprises can be introduced through #flip, #shuffle, and #eleven commands. If users don't want to select tags, Lowpoly Bot will choose a random category for them.

The special tag #face applies face detection via the cloud-based Face++, then adds some more detail to the found faces. And, as Klingemann notes, low-poly images can be retweeted back to the Lowpoly Bot, which will generate another image with surprising results. It's like abstract geometry piled onto abstract geometry, if you can imagine it.


Below, more images that were created by Lowpoly Bot.

Visit Lowpoly Bot on Twitter and Tumblr to start transforming your own photos into low-poly masterpieces.


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