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Tim Pool Live Streaming from Istanbul

Journalist Tim Pool is streaming live from Istanbul today where antigovernment protests have been ongoing since Friday, May 31. Prime Minister Erdogan has finally met with a delegation representing protestors, but also issued warnings that implied that...

Journalist Tim Pool is streaming live from Istanbul, where antigovernment protests have been ongoing since Friday, May 31. What began as a campaign against the city's plans to construct a mall in a public park has escalated into a massive display of anger over the ruling party's neo-Islamist social agenda and religiously driven laws. Riot police have moved in with brutal force, using tear gas on tens of thousands of protestors. It is the largest civil uprising in the history of Turkey. Update, June 15: Police raided Gezi Park and reclaimed it using water canons, riot gear, tear gas, and rubber bullets. The police have reportedly gone after fleeing protesters in nearby streets and hotels, and municipal workers are cleaning up the park and square.


Update, June 14: A tentative agreement has been struck between the government and protesters in Turkey. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's administration has said they will postpone their plans to demolish Gezi Park until appeals are brought before a court. The protesters occupying the park have been told to evacuate, and are planning to meet Friday evening to decide whether or not they will comply.

Update, June 13: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan finally met with a delegation representing protestors in Gezi Park, but also issued warnings that implied that he was ready to evict the occupiers by force if necessary. It's unclear what is going to happen next, but tensions between the police and the protesters continue to mount.

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