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Bully Are Back with the Raging One-Two Punch of "Feel the Same"

It's the first new track from their newly-announced second album 'Losing.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Right here, right now, by the power vested in me by literally no-one, I am naming 2017 the Year of the Riff. Riffs have abounded this year, from the World's Riffiest Band™ Sheer Mag putting out their debut album, to Torres and the one-woman riff parade that seems to be characterising the run-up to her third record Three Futures, with much in between. And it seems that as we plough on through to the latter half of the year, the riffs won't be letting up anytime soon, down in large part to Bully.


The Nashville band have announced their second album Losing, due 20 October via Sub Pop, with a brand new single called "Feel the Same," which, for fact fans, was also engineered and mixed by the band's frontwoman Alicia Bognanno. The track is Riff Central (population: Bully), and features Bognanno's rasping, urgent vocal spitting out lyrics about boredom and stasis over a raging blow of an instrumental that's all frustration and released repression.

Listen above, and feel thankful that you get to exist during the Year of the Riff.

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