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Projection Mapping Brings Surreal Dance Performance to a Korean Facade

URBANSCREEN joins forces with Jung ArtVision to wow crowds outside the Busan International Film Festival.
Images courtesy the artist

Two dancers are trapped in a rotating brick cube in the new film from Bremen-based projection mapping extraordinairesURBANSCREENIN NEMO is a conceptual journey into “graphic abstraction” through the “interaction of body, space, and gravity,” that was projected onto the deconstructivist facade of Busan Cinema Center. Created for the Busan International Film Festival, the piece features moments when the performers are at the mercy of the cube's contortions: a centripetal force spins them so fast that their colors and shapes blend as though they're trapped inside a digital washing machine. At other times, they seem to defy gravitational laws, flitting off the box’s walls and slithering across the building’s windows.


Fortunately for the Jung ArtVision dancers, URBANSCREEN captured IN NEMO, URBANSCREEN inside a rotating green screen box, rather than an actual cube. In post-production, the team adapted the film to projections that would reflect and complement the demanding, Coop Himmelb(l)au-designed architecture of the cinema center. “The square shape and the human body are superimposed as corresponding figures and meld into a deconstructive composition,” URBANSCREEN explains. “In a stylistic movement from abstraction to reality, from two- to three-dimensionality, the bodies seem to become more and more physically present, until they finally dissolve and leave behind an empty, echoing room.”

Watch IN NEMO above, and for more of URBANSCREEN’s projection mapped feats, check out their website.


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