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Jamie Zigelbaum's Interactive Stalactites Flicker In Response To Movement

"Triangular Series" includes fifty hanging tetrahedrons that look like something from a futuristic light show.
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On June 16th, New York-based sculptor and designer Jamie Zigelbaum unveiled Triangular Series at Basel in Switzerlanda cave-like installation filled with illuminated stalactites that respond to the movements of passers-by. Though Zigelbaum is known for his interactive sculptures, the installation is an awe-striking feat, including fifty enormous, suspended tetrahedrons that feel like a cross between an environment from prehistoric times and the pawns of a futuristic light show.


The work is made from acrylic and steel, and includes sensors and custom software to spark the interactive aspect. Sometimes the fang-like stalactites blink and flutter, while sometimes they'll simply dim and dull.

The artist explained to Dezeen, "Triangular Series is inspired by the similarities between living and non-living patterns and motivated by the desire to understand the possibilities for communication between entities as different as lights and the human beings below."

He continued:

"As you walk beneath Triangular Series your physiology changes the behavior of the lights, which in turn changes your physiology…It is my hope that this simple dialogued between such different entities provokes a sense of the world’s vast mystery."

Triangular Series was commissioned by Design Miami/Basel 2014 and more information about the work can be read here.

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