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This candidate for Congress is in favor of pedophilia and thinks Hitler did some good things

“Unless the patriarchy is restored, we’re going to go extinct," Nathan Larson told VICE News.

A pedophilia advocate, Nazi sympathizer, and alleged rapist is running a congressional campaign in Virginia. He’s exceedingly honest about his views.

Nathan Larson, who spent 16 months in prison for threatening to kill President Barack Obama, is on the ticket in Virginia’s 10th congressional district, running a campaign as a proud “quasi-neoreactionary libertarian” who believes that Hitler was a hero, that restoring the patriarchy is necessary to save the human race, and that “we’re wasting resources by allowing women to work,” he told VICE News.


Larson, 37, hosted several forums — including now-defunct and — where he posted regularly on pedophilia and white supremacy. In his sprawling campaign manifesto, he says he espouses “benevolent white supremacy.” He described his platform to VICE News as “mostly a libertarian platform with a neoreactionary flavor.”

“Blacks, if given power, will not know what to do with it,” he wrote. “American blacks are aware of these racial realities, which is why they defer to the white and Jewish leaders of the Democratic Party even though, like everyone else, they go through the motions of repeating the politically correct orthodoxy that everyone is equal.”

“What we have now with feminism isn't working. We have a fertility rate that's so low that we're not actually replenishing our population,” Larson told VICE News. “Unless the patriarchy is restored, we’re going to go extinct.”

Asked to clarify his support for Adolf Hitler, Lason said, “Well, he wrote Mein Kampf. He put a lot of interesting racial ideas that I think there's some truth there,” adding, “So yeah, I think the intent was noble. And the effect that it ended up having was that Germany is probably better off now than they were before the war.”

On the Holocaust, he said, “Even if that happened, there's so many other countries that have done genocides. If we're going to hold every country to that standard, we'll have to hold the U.S. to that standard.” He said he hasn’t researched whether or not the Holocaust actually took place, but is skeptical that Western countries have banned Holocaust denial.


“If you can refute it, you don't need to ban the opposing view.”

Nathan Larson

“They said I bragged about raping my wife,” Larson said about a report in HuffPost. “I didn't actually rape her, though,” he clarified. He says that the incel community thinks that rape is a social construct, and he agrees.

“For the benefit of the incel community, sometimes I imply that maybe I raped her (and I wouldn't necessarily feel bad if I had), but that didn't actually happen,” Larson said in an email.

Larson’s spouse, however, said in a court filing, according to the Colorado Springs Independent, that “During our relationship, he was severely emotionally and sexually abusive towards me. He stated multiple times that he wanted to have sex with a child.”

Larson’s spouse, according to the Independent, was a transgender man who preferred to be referred to as “Finn.” Larson refers to his spouse as “August” and told VICE News that they alternated between wanting to be referred to with male and female pronouns, but ultimately prefered “they.” Finn committed suicide in June of 2015.

He also wanted to clarify that he doesn’t remember ever saying that he wanted to have sex with infants. “If I did, it may have been just locker room talk. The same way that Donald Trump likes to talk about grabbing women by the pussy when he's on a bus with Billy Bush on his way to do an Access Hollywood video, pedocels sometimes like to joke around with each other about sex with babies,” he told VICE News in an email.

He said that he got his start in radical libertarianism at George Mason University, where the economics department has come under fire for allowing Charles and David Koch to handpick professors in exchange for donations. Larson said sat in on a course taught by professor Thomas Rustici, which formed his views. Rustici is currently working directly with the Koch Foundation, according to his faculty page at the university.

“There's a lot of anarcho-capitalists at George Mason University,” Larson said.

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