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Listen to Elysia Crampton Mash-Up Kelela and the National Geographic Theme Tune

"Horizon of Racialized Sciencism" is among the producer's numerous Kelela samples.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Brain-bending Virginia-based producer Elysia Crampton just dropped a new track today, a signature mash-up that pulls from seemingly unmatchable sources.

In "Horizon of Racialized Sciencism" Crampton lifts Kelela's vocal line from her Kingdom produced cut "Send Me Out" and places it on top of a tense arpeggiated melody. As the track progresses, the producer brings in a melange of airhorns that usher in a sample of the National Geographic theme tune, along with the show's disclaimer: "This program is a presentation for educational and non-commercial use only." Listen to it below.

This isn't the first Kelela-infused track that Crampton has been toying with. Her SoundCloud features countless Kelela-tagged edits that have popped up in the past couple of months hinting either at a lead up to "Horizon of Racialized Sciencism" or of even more Kelela mash-ups to come.

And As THUMP reported earlier this year, Crampton has signed a two-album deal with the North Carolina-based label Break World, including the announced LP Demon City that will feature collaborations with Copenhagen/Berlin artist, Why Be; Houston producer, Rabit; NON Worldwide co-founder Chino Amobi; London producer, Lexxi, and Fade to Mind's Total Freedom.

Crampton will also be performing at this year's RBMA showcase "Interzone: NON vs NAAFI" that will happen in NYC on May 20.