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Ableton Releases New Updates and Announces Forthcoming Collaborative Technology, Link

The Berlin computer drops updates in software products Live and hardware controller Push, as well as announces an entirely new technology.

The seemingly ubiquitous Berlin-based computer music company, Ableton, has come out with updates in their two key products—their software interface Live and hardware controller Push. They've also announced a completely new technology called Link, which isn't yet available, but promises to help producers collaborate by allowing them to synch software via WiFi—quite possibly the company's answer to the Stems product that was recently released by Native Instruments. Link works with Live, of course, as well as a variety of iOS music apps by Korg, FInger Pro, Akai and others. Ableton is even offering to share the Link SDK (software development kit) for free, inviting any app developer who want to use the protocol to get in touch.


Live, Ableton's flagship product and one of the most widely used products by many producers to create and perform their music on stage, is getting a new update—Live 9.5—which offers some nice updates including new sounds and synths, filters and most notably, a new sampler set-up that works particularly well with the companies newer hardware component, Push.

Released in late 2012, Push was the company's first foray into hardware to control their infamous software and was a big hit. The update, Push 2, takes the now-proven device and just makes it better, at least according to this extensive hands-on review by the experts at Create Digital Music.

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