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Watch A 94-Camera Rig 3D Scan A Human Into Virtual Reality

Marshmallow Laser Feast, in collaboration with Analog, have recreated a 16k photorealistic-textured human recreation for the new music video for Duologue's "MEMEX."
September 2, 2014, 7:20pm

MEMEX | Duologue, a collaboration between Marshmallow Laser Feast and Analog on Vimeo.

The heads that make up London multimedia design studio Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) are no strangers to breaking conventions. The quadcopter-using creators of everything from 'Musical Laser Forests', to interactive light performances (featuring U2), to the visuals for Saatchi & Saatchi's 2014 New Directors Showcase, with "MEMEX," their hyper-technical skill sets come to the forefront of their new music video for London-based five-piece band, Duologue. Explains MLF, "MEMEX" is, "A 3D study of mortality exploring new photographic processes, in this case photogrammetry. In collaboration with Analog, FBFX and the band Duologue, this project is the beginning of a deeper study into filmmaking for the virtual reality environment."

A digitally-recreated hand touches skin in Marshmallow Laser Feast's new video for Duologue's

Using FBFX's 94-camera real-time hi-res scanning rig, MLF created a 16k photorealistic full-body scan of model Beryl Nesbitt. Capturing her 360º 3D scan in 1/13,000th of a second, and combining it with a spherical panoramic HDR photo of a sunset (for realistic lighting) provided by Analog, Nesbitt was then recreated as a moving photo-scan that, in traditional MLF fashion, smashes traditional image forms. Says MLF, "What's particularly exciting [] about this project is that it's the beginning of a deeper study into photoreal real-time VR." Simply put, it's a beautiful attempt at a live 1:1 recreation of flesh-and-blood in the digital format.

Below, see the down-to-the-pore recreation of model Beryl Nesbitt:

A close-up, Marshmallow Laser Feast's actor captured down to 16K photorealistic textures.
Using a 94 camera rig, Marshmallow Laser Feast crafted the visuals for

Surely a fascinating introduction into what is sure to be a long and fruitful relationship between Marshmallow Laser Feast and the nascent medium of live 3D scanning, we can't wait to see what the studio comes up with next. Visit MLF's Flickr page for more behind-the-scenes images from the new music video for "MEMEX" by Duologue, and check out Marshmallow Laser Feast online for more conspicuous creativity.


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