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These Iridescent Graphics Inspire Childhood Nostalgia

Singapore artists create hypnotic artworks.
Machineast. Oh My Pastel! Image courtesy of the artist.

The Creators Project team thought we'd give you some much needed R&R from the headlines, so we've roped together a regimen of healing and happy stories to help get you through the day.

Singapore-based design duo Fizah Rahim and Rezaliando, better known as Machineast, create a series of soft hypnotic silhouettes with floating motions inspired by rainbow-hued childhood daydreams. Moving like Xenopeltidae snakes, the silky wraps interact with crystal architectural gems or cylinders with aesthetics reminiscent of the last Tame Impala album cover by Robert Beatty.


The vibrant abstract art of Machineast, modernized in 3D, gives new perspective on shape making. From The Rainbow Paper series and Oh My Pastel! to the Translucent Iridescent, the works are anchored by iridescent hues.

Machineast. Translucent Iridescent.

The Translucent Iridescent series was inspired by the pair's trip to Japan. Coming from a tropical climate, this feeling of coldness was unusual to them. It inspired them to contrast the feeling of coldness and warmth in a visual form. "The iridescent cloth represents warmth against the coldness of silver environment," Machineast tells The Creators Project.


Machineast. Oh My Pastel!

While Oh My Pastel! and the Rainbow Paper series is a homage to childhood memories and visual imagery. Oh My Pastel! grew out of the excitement and sense of awe given by TV shows like Sailor Moon or The Transformers. "Pastel colors were quite apparent in the 80s so we wanted to emulate the same feeling of watching your favorite cartoons with this series visual," writes Machineast. The Rainbow Paper Series is an homage to the memories of the zinc rooftops in South East Asia's low-income housing (Rainbow Paper #04) and the weaving technique of a Malaysian 'ketupat' or a woven palm leaf pouch (Rainbow Paper #03).

Machinest remarkably captures the sweetest memories and spins them into new 3D adult worlds. It's the kind of art we like to get lost in in over and over again, playful but created with great skill.


Machineast. Rainbow Paper Series #03.


Machineast. Rainbow Paper Series #04.

Click here to see more works of Machineast.



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