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Challah! Here are Eight Awesome Jewish DJs for Hanukkah

​Because every generation needs its version of the Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song.

Hanukkah is more than just a way to keep Jewish kids from feeling left out during Christmas. The "Festival of Lights" is a celebration of the ancient victory of the Jews over their oppressors, and the eight-day-long party that followed (sounds like a club we'd want to be on the list for!).

To join in the festive spirit, we compiled a list of the eight most excellent Jewish DJs. We recommend lighting a candle for each of them during the next eight nights. The Maccabees would totally approve.



Hailing from Tel Aviv, Asaf Yoseph Borger has become a fixture on the American EDM scene thanks to an all-nonsense style of crunching breakbeats and aggressive melodies that he calls Gorestep. This Judah Maccabee of bass has released music on scene heavyweights Dim Mak and Spinnin' Records, but it will forever be mentioned that he once released a song with backing vocals by Miley Cyrus.


There is a long history of jews and rappers coming together to mint musical gold. So little wonder that when P Diddy wanted some White Isle flavor, he called upon Israel-bred, Ibiza regular Guy Gerber. The result was not just a production credit for the progressive/tech-house jock who grew up listening to My Bloody Valentine, but a proper partnership with Puffy on the album 11 11.


Hanukkah is a celebration, but we must say a Kaddish for dearly departed Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) who, in his mere 36 years on Earth redefined what it is to be a DJ, combining hip-hop skill with an ear for anything that could make a crowd move. Partnering with everyone from Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker to crowd-surfing stunt-DJ Steve Aoki, DJ AM left an indelible imprint on current DJ culture.


Whether sporting his 90s raver dreads or 00s jewfro, Josh Wink(elman) has been leading the American techno scene for over two decades, with classic tunes like the creepy minimal "Are You There" or maximal acid of "Higher State of Consciousness" never failing to turn the party up a notch.



This Montreal native has as many sounds as a dreidel has side, from DMC turntables champion (the youngest, ever) and hip-hop backing DJ (for Kanye West) to disco-house producer (as one half of Duck  Sauce) and big room house superstar. It should also be noted that his older brother, singer and guitarist Dave 1 of synth-pop duo Chromeo is a heckuva DJ too.


While Israel's club culture offers a diverse array of sounds, it is still best known for its trance scene. And no name is more well known than Infected Mushrooms, who used their legendary live to shows to become one of the best selling groups in Israeli history.


And speaking of bestsellers, French megastar David Guetta comes from Moroccan Jews on his father's side. One of the most recognizable names in EDM's mainstream takeover, thanks to collaborations with dozens of the world's top pop stars, his celebrity DJ status is virtually unmatched around the world.


Though still best known for his decidedly retro work producing Amy Winehouse, and subsequent throwback funk tunes of his own, Mark Ronson first entered our consciousness as a celebrity DJ heartthrob in the mid-'00s. Although, unlike many of the iPod players in the booth, Ronson could actually mash-up a serious set.

Joshua Glazer is a chosen person from Detroit by way of Los Angeles, living in Berlin.