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Retro Cassette Lamps Take Lighting Back to the Analog Days

Refurbished tapes make interchangeable cubic fixtures in OOO My Design's new XXL lamps, a continuation of their "Cassette is Not Dead" series.
April 24, 2015, 2:00pm
All images courtesy of OOO My Design

The endearingly outdated cassette tape makes a colorful comeback in OOO My Design’s new XXL lamps. A continuation of the design studio’s ongoing "Cassette is Not Dead" campaign, these mixtape fixtures revive the lo-fi aesthetic with six modules of tightly tied, recycled cassettes. The bulky lamps dual serve as multicolored sculptures by day and refurbished cubic disco balls by night and, in addition to their funky style, are uniquely interchangeable, enabling buyers to switch the tapes out, insert their own, and even listen to the ancient tunes of their plastic wheels.


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