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An Artist Installed a Huge "Human Kaleidoscope" in Times Square

Enter an interactive corridor of mirrors for Cuban artist Rachel Valdés Camejo's first solo US show.
Image courtesy the artist

Anyone who has ever stood between two or more mirrors has marveled at the suggestion of infinity created by the back and forth reflection. The Cuban painter and installation artist Rachel Valdés Camejo plays with this multiplier of images in her new public installation, The Beginning of the End, which she unveiled this morning in Times Square.

A collaboration between Time Square Arts and the Cuban Artists Fund, it’s Camejo’s first solo show in the United States. To construct the installation, the artist created a corridor of three mirrored surfaces—two angled walls and a floor. On the floor, the Manhattan view of the sky is reflected, while on the walls a the Time Square environment, with all of its structures and lights, gets multiplied, becoming interactive in the process.


Says Sherry Dobbin, Director of Times Square Arts, “This work pulls in the sky to draw it underneath your feet, wrapping Times Square completely around your body. The natural skyscape, the electronic billboards and the office buildings combine in a human kaleidoscope, in which each twist of your body brings about new perspectives.”

You, too, can have the chance to enter The Beginning of the End, a human kaleidoscope in Times Square, through November 21, 2016. Click here for more information and here to see more of Rachel Valdés Camejo’s work.


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