Kanye West Has Literally the Worst iPhone Passcode You Could Ever Have

If starting from the lowest possible number and going up, Kanye’s passcode would literally be the first one you would try.
October 11, 2018, 5:52pm
Image: Twitter, @misterjamo

Why don’t you just use FaceID Kanye?

In a clip of Kanye West meeting with President Donald Trump broadcast and then shared on social media Thursday, the superstar is seen unlocking his iPhone before getting access. The apparent passcode? Well it’s just hammering the bottom key as much as possible really: 000000.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has had terrible passwords at some time during their digital life. But to have this series of just really, really predictable digits as the sole barrier to the phone of one of the most famous people on the planet is bad. Thieves looking to pinch it, or even just if Kanye dropped the phone and someone found it, could probably fumble their way into it.


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The iPhone model appears to be an iPhone X, meaning it comes with FaceID, Apple’s current biometric authentication offering. Instead of typing in a bad passcode you have to remember, or a good passcode you’re going to forget, you just look at the device, and it will, probably, only unlock for you. Kanye, turn this on, for the love of God.

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Law enforcement agencies across the country have purchased GrayKey, a small device that can unlock modern iPhones. It works by trying different possible password combinations in an automated fashion, before hitting the right one and unlocking the device. Tools like this don’t necessarily start the bottom and work their way up through each code though; some also have a dictionary list in case the user has set an alphanumeric password containing real words as well.

But GrayKey wouldn’t even have to do that. If starting from the lowest possible number and going up, Kanye’s passcode would literally be the first one you would try. It’s the worst password you can have.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has perhaps unintentionally released details about his technology habits. Back in April, we looked at what the app launcher on his Macbook Pro might reveal. That showed he needed, at the time, to update four apps, so I suppose we can’t be really surprised Kanye doesn’t really care about device security.