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Can You Skate It?

Skating a Full Pipe with Fred Gall

On the first episode of 'Can You Skate It?,' the pro skater took VICE to an abandoned, DIY ramp in the middle of New Jersey.​

For dedicated pro skaters, scoping out wild, untapped spots is part of what the sport is all about. It might be hard to track down an abandoned swimming pool or a heavenly full-pipe in the sky, but skating gnarly, one-of-a-kind stuff is as good as it gets.

On Can You Skate It?, VICE seeks out the most unique spots we can find, starting with a full-pipe in an abandoned New Jersey factory. Pro skater Fred Gall took us to the hidden gem for a session—patching a few cracks in the concrete, sweeping out some debris, and going for a big boneless on the transition.