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Artist Makes Rainbows with Broken Glass, Mirrors, and Lasers

The new installation from Jayson Haebich looks like a shattered aurora borealis.
Images courtesy the artist

Like an indoor aurora borealis that you can touch (although we don't recommend it), light artist and creative coder Jayson Haebich's new installation, Diffusion, fuses ethereal multicolored light with a jarring pile of broken glass, like those that litter the roadside. Haebich fires highly focused rays of white light onto the triagular pile, which refracts and diffuses the light to create an otherworldly glow that contrasts with the sharp, chaotic edges they're highlighting.


Haebich created Diffusion for his Berlin residency at the Institut für Alles Mogliche, using OpenFrameworks to create a custom program for the laser's lazy scan across the crystalline surface. The jagged edges make this work distinct from Haebich's previous installations, including Vector Space and Interactive Laser Sculpture, which are often defined by strong, solid blocks of color.

"With several lines of light scanning across the glass at randomized speeds, the piece never produces the same texture or coloured pattern more than once," he tells The Creators Project. "With each moment of the work itself being a unique piece of artwork, this generative method of artwork adds another dimension to this work." See Diffusion in action in the video above and in the images below:

See more of Jayson Haebich's artwork on his website.

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