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LED Wall Turns Your Movement Into Vibrant Visualizations

Color Kinetics Japan and RANAGRAM's latest project turns body movement into geometric patterns on a facade. They even hope to make a building-sized version in the near future.

From Chris Milk's The Treachery of Sanctuary to Moment Factory's music wall, there's something about interactive facades that always make our pupils widen and heart rates surge in excitement. Research and design companies Color Kinetics Japan and RANAGRAM's newest project is inspiring the same effect in our nervous systems with their Interactive LED Facade.

Simply titled Color Kinetics Interactive LED Facade, the machine includes 1,000 LED lamps on the back of an iron lattice embedded on a 13 feet by 8 feet wall. As people walk by, a Kinect sensor tracks their outlines and responds with vibrant visualizations throughan optical flow algorithm. When the wall is audience-less, geometric patterns appear and change shape based on sound data that is converted into animations through Perlin noise.


The team presented the project as a concept work at the Live Entertainment and Event Expo 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight, but they have plans to adapt the wall into a "real building" soon. Imagine a skyscraper facade that turns the movement of birds, cars, and even planes into story-high geometric patterns. Our palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it.

For more on this interactive wall, visit RANAGRAM and Color Kinetics Japan.


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