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Brain-Shaped Light Installation Feeds on Your Thoughts

It's like an infinity mirror for brainwave interpretation.
Images courtesy the artist

Mind and matter meld in Australian artist Laura Jade's new EEG-controlled installation, Brain Light Project, a boulder-sized light sculpture designed to create a biofeedback loop of light, sound, and thought. In a process developed by Jade, neuroscientist Peter Simpson-Young, and programmer Sam Gentle, the Perspex "neural network" becomes a real-time visualization of visitors' alpha (meditation), theta (focus and attention), and beta (excitement/agitation) brainwaves. "This experience of seeing your brainwaves represented on an external object in-turn influences the brainwaves that you are creating, which are then represented again on the external object," Jade explains in the video below. "[This creates] a constantly changing biofeedback loop that is evolving in union with your constantly changing perception of the artwork."


Created during a Culture at Work art and science residency program, Brain Light Project is Jade's major work towards her masters in Illumination Design at University of Technology, Sydney. "The catalyst for this research project was my flourishing intrigue and desire to harness my own brain as the creator of an interactive art experience where no physical touch was required except the power of thoughts," she tells The Creators Project. Her work evokes past projects from Marina Abramović, Lisa Park, and ::vtol:, whose experiments in EEG art have blazed a trail in using brainwaves as an emerging medium.

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