The Entrepreneurs Renting Exotic Cars to Miami’s Elite

Inside the glitzy, lucrative industry where not everybody is above the law.

Miami is a city where money and status reign supreme, and there’s no easier way to show the world you’re a big deal than by tooling around in an exotic luxury car. Everyone wants to drive one, but not everyone can afford one—so a handful of entrepreneurs in the city have started rental services, loaning out some of the world’s most expensive cars to athletes, musicians, and everyday Joes who want to make a big impression.


It’s a glitzy, lucrative line of work, and a growing number of people have been drawn to it—but the folks renting Ferraris, Rolls Royces, and Lamborghinis aren’t always staying above the law. VICE met up with a legit rental company (and a not-so-legit entrepreneur) for a look at how the business works.

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