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How to Use Astrology to Improve Your Relationships

VICE astrologer Annabel Gat explains how astrology can be your ultimate wingperson—if you use it the right way.
June 7, 2019, 2:05pm
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Can the planets really tell us when the best time is to text first, or to initiate a flirtatious conversation? VICE’s new astrology app, Astro Guide, introduces a new type of horoscope for lovers (and friends), that help demystify cosmic events and use them as tools to help make our relationships better. We sat down with VICE senior astrologer Annabel Gat to get some pro tips on putting those horoscopes to use, whether to get attention from your crush at the gym, or knowing when to be a little extra supportive of your significant other, based on their sign.


VICE: What is a friend or lover horoscope…is it just reading the daily horoscope that someone else is reading for their sign?
Annabel Gat: Astrology is an awesome tool for self knowledge, but it’s also so insightful for our partnerships. And if we’re going to talk about cosmic wellness, nurturing healthy, supportive relationships is a major part of taking care of ourselves!

When we understand how the day’s cosmic events are affecting the people we care about, it helps us better empathize with them, and think more introspectively about why our interactions are going a certain way that day. A new moon, for example, can create a space for reflective silence, while a full moon can heighten the energy. There are a myriad of other lunar or planetary interactions that we discuss in the horoscopes that are helpful tools for relating to others. Traditionally, we may have read their personal horoscopes to do that, but we can take that a step further and show people how to apply that astrological knowledge to real actions we can take to help our loved ones through their days.

Can lover horoscopes tell me how to make my crush like me?
The truth is, astrologers are not pick up artists. A person’s sun sign might speak to their general personality and ego, but healthy and happy relationships don’t stem from using someone’s horoscopes to make them like you, or from interacting with them based on what you think they will enjoy. A much more effective application of lover horoscopes is to use them to reflect on yourself in combination with the person you care about. Astrology can help us tap into the daily astrological weather and give us the tools to talk about empathy, boundaries, and generally just getting along.


So while we shouldn’t be trying to make anyone like us, lover horoscopes can help us develop our communication skills and learn about one another’s needs and boundaries, which makes all of our relationships better.

How do cosmic events affect my relationships and friendships?
There’s an old saying in the astrology community about cosmic events and their effect on us: It might be raining, but we can bring an umbrella or choose to stay inside. The astrological weather shows us when things are flowing or stormy, clear or confusing, and that can be useful as a guide to help you better use your intuition, to sort out how to say what you need to say it. It can also remind us when to step back and be good listeners.

This mindfulness is important not only when talking to a crush, but to everyone you care about. Your horoscope tells you if it will be raining in your partnerships, and it’s up to you how to deal with that. Will you stomp on puddles? Or snuggle by a fire? We all have free will! Your horoscope is there to help guide your intuition.

What’s the best way to put horoscopes to use if I like someone?
One thing you can do, is to follow your crush as both a friend and lover in Astro Guide, and read both of those horoscopes for them when you’re looking for insight. Our friend ’scopes really focus on how to best use the astrological energy to get along with anyone, which is just as valuable as the sexy stuff you might read in the lover horoscope. It’s often said that friendship is the best foundation for a romantic relationship, and I definitely agree. Romance isn’t just about long-stemmed roses and long walks on the beach, and our friend ‘scopes compliment the love ‘scopes by looking at the whole picture.

Could friend and lover horoscopes be helpful for other types of relationships? Should I add coworkers and people I just met?
Yes! Horoscopes are there to spark your imagination and can be helpful for any kind of relationship that you want more insight into. Working at a new office can be intimidating. Reconnecting with a family member can be sensitive. Things can get tense with our roommates. There are also tons of other relationships that are important to us, which can benefit from reflection on how we connect and/or set boundaries.

And don’t just read the friend and lovers scopes for other people—read for your own sign too, to get even more insight about yourself and your relationships. Relationships offer a mirror to ourselves, and so does astrology. It’s all about self exploration!

Download the Astro Guide app by VICE on an iOS device to read daily horoscopes personalized for your sun, moon, and rising signs, and learn how to apply cosmic events to self care, your friendships, and relationships.

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