The Creator of 'QWOP' Has a New Game and It's Going to Make Me Break My Keyboard

"I could have made something you would have liked."
September 28, 2017, 1:24pm

QWOP is a devious little browser game by a guy named Bennet Foddy. The player is presented with a two-dimensional runner, who they can control by moving his thighs with the Q and W keys, and his calves with the OP keys. All you have to do is make him run as far as you can before he falls and cracks open his noggin. Sounds simple, right?


My personal record is probably 20 meters, max, but that hasn't stopped me from playing QWOP, sometimes at work (not at this job, I swear!), until my fingers felt mangled and broken. Which is why I can't wait to let Foddy's new game, Getting Over It, make me hate myself.

Once again, on its face, the premise seems simple, maybe even stupid: The player is presented with a naked man, who, for whatever reason, is sitting in a cauldron. (Why? Doesn't matter.) The man has to move on a two-dimensional plane, from left to right, using only a large mallet which he can push into the ground or hook onto ledges. (Why? Doesn't matter.)

The only thing that matters is moving from left to right with these arbitrary, ludicrous means. It looks incredible difficult. Foddy knows that players will come to this wanting to bash their heads against the wall. He's teasing them.

"I could have made something you would have liked, a game that was empowering, that would save your progress and inch you steadily forward," Foddy says in the game's trailer. "Instead, I must confess: this isn't nice."

Scoundrel. He knows we can't resist, and he's right. Getting Over It will release via the Humble Monthly bundle on October 6, and in wide release in December, and I will definitely be playing this one at work.