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Watch Orchids Bloom (Without the Wait)

Photographer Mark Rigler's 'rather flowery timelapse' artificially augments the colorful life cycle of the coveted flowers.
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Delicately unfolding orchid buds unfurl into dewey blossoms in this glorious, floral timelapse from photographer Mark Rigler. The film captures the artificially-augmented life cycle of a handful of the colorful flowers, crisply framed in the darkened interior of Rigler's kitchen cupboard. At a mere minute's length, the timelapse is brief and beautifully succinct—akin to the delicate, triumphant processes of the orchid. The new work happens to be second in Rigler's series of what he calls “rather flowery timelapses,” the first of which offers award-winning shots of three blooming bulbs, shot in similarly DIY circumstances with a Canon 600D, one light, and white card stock acting as reflector.


Below, watch the world's most coveted potted plant bloom and breathe:

See more of Rigler's work on his website.


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