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7 Men Arrested After Castrations Streamed Online

One of the men arrested following a police raid in London was reportedly known as "the Eunuch Maker."
The men were arrested in north London (file photo). PHOTO: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Seven men have been arrested in north London as part of a probe into  castrations broadcast live on a pay-per-view channel.

An investigation into a subculture known as “nullos” – people who endorse castration, or “genital nullification” – led to the raid in Finsbury Park, where police spent three days searching the basement flat.

A 44-year-old Norwegian man living at the address was held on suspicion of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm. According to The Sun, he describes himself as “The Eunuch Maker” and runs a film production company. He is understood to have been castrated himself.


6 other men were also arrested. 

Nullos willingly undergo removal of external genitalia as an extreme body modification procedure.

They afterwards may call themselves  eunuchs or “smoothies”. 

The broadcasts were streamed on a pay-to-view adult channel that was advertised using a Twitter account. 

One of the most famous nullos is Japanese artist Mao Sugiyama, who removed his genitals before cooking and served them garnished with mushrooms and parsley for paying guests. Cannibalism is not illegal in Japan.